Cannes Lions creative picks

07/07/2017 3:17pm

  • Held as part of the Cannes Film Festival, the Cannes Lions Festival is something we look forward to each year. In the studio, we’ve been chatting about the most recent Grand Prix winners in this International Festival of Creativity.

    These are our top picks of the 23 Grand Prix winners...

  • Cyber Grand Prix – Aland Index / Baltic Sea Project

    Marketing through innovation around a cause that really means something to the intended audience. Committed to turning a problem into an opportunity, being genuine leaders and sharing innovation to carve out a market position that will connect with consumers. 

  • Design Grand Prix – The Unusual Football Field

    Remember when you were a kid and every game you played had strange rules or an odd shaped field? This case study will bring back those memories and change they way you look at odd shaped spaces forever.  

  • Film Grand Prix – We’re the Superhumans

    A classic piece of advertising. A powerful, simple idea, executed superbly. Leaving the audience engaged and inspired. 

  • Grand Prix for Good (Lions Health festival) – Immunity Charm

    Elegantly simple and life saving. Injecting new values into an entrenched tradition to solve a major communication breakdown between Doctor to Doctor and Doctor to patient. 

  • Grand Prix for Good (Cannes Lions festival) – The Refugee Nation

    A sensitive, strong, yet simple design to unite a nation of brave people. To me, this proves that creativity is a powerful way to connect all sorts of people and ideas.