Meet Brigitte Capp, our new GM, global marketer & great mum.

Brigitte Team

Imagic has a new General Manager with an impressive background in digital marketing. She is a self described ‘agency brat’, and we’d like you to meet her…

First let’s rewind to the start of the show: Brigitte did a post-grad diploma in journalism and landed an entertainment production role with Xtra/MSN. Working on fashion shows, album launches and cinema premieres, she got her first taste of promotion and marketing activities.

Fun fact: Brigitte was part of the team that did the first live streaming from NZ fashion week. She also created sponsorship deals with movie companies and started to sell in digital as a media placement #BITD*. *TikTok™ parlance for - Back In The Day 

After some obligatory backpacking around the other side of the planet, she fell into a role with a US company with an Auckland office. The job was doing SEO in 2004…when the internet was still the wild west, and SEO experts were the pioneer railway builders trying to bring structure to an otherwise chaotic landscape.

Brigitte says: “I’ve been an agency brat ever since and have been able to work with some epic NZ brands over the years, including Air NZ, House Of Travel, AJ Hackett, The Crusaders, The Highlanders and more.”

She even ran her own digital marketing agency for six years. And now, luckily for Imagic, has taken on the mantle of General Manager with a heavy side hustle of Head of Digital Marketing.

Brigitte adds: “The team at Imagic has ridiculously talented people. I love seeing a great idea come together and great outcomes for our clients.”

Brigitte’s role is to help facilitate the execution of work, improve processes, and help people be their best. As well as take the lead on some of our digital marketing work.

And what about her superpower?

Brigitte says (with a smile): “I’m a human bullsh*t detector for people under 15. Namely, my kids. But don’t worry, I only use my powers for good.”