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Imagic is a Christchurch-based web, design and brand agency that has earned the reputation of creating ‘work that fits’. We know this because we conducted a client insight audit recently and this was a phrase that was used a lot. We get to know our clients and they get to know us, and this fosters work that authentically reflects their personality and aligns with their brand strategy.

Our own brand story began over twenty years ago with a young print designer from Timaru who would go to sleep counting digital sheep. More than two decades on we still have clients with us who were there on day one, and we still really dig digital. A lot. 

We believe great branding is about creating meaningful relationships through a collection of positive interactions. We also think that’s what makes a great creative agency. Creating a place where our clients feel at home. Where they can forge compelling narratives by working with creatives, designers, writers, web developers and strategists who are all gifted storytellers in their own right.

We’ve won some awards but that’s not our focus. We strive to do great work for our clients, not for industry accolades.

We believe our walk should speak louder than our talk. We try to be good listeners. Strive to be accomplished problem solvers. We process thoroughly, answer thoughtfully, and aim to be a champion for our clients. 


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