Meet Sarah

Imagic Meet sarah

Our new digital marketer and client services assistant, Sarah has Walker as her familial moniker, and here the well-worn phrase of “X by name, X by nature’ may very well be apt - when you meet her, you get a sense of forward motion, of not standing still.

While studying at University, Sarah worked part-time for a real estate agent, doing content creation for their social media streams. Now that Sarah’s with us full time, she still works in her spare time to complete a degree, being five months off from completing a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in marketing and management.

Add to that, a passion for socialising, yoga, walking, working on her house with her partner, and sewing her clothing, and you might get a sense of what we mean - if she were a traffic light, she’d be more green than orange or red.

What does she love most about her job? ‘The digital environment never stands still; there’s always something new to learn.’ And there it is again. Perhaps this sense of looking forward is influenced by deep care that Sarah has about the future of our planet. ‘Sustainable practices are important to me. Such as reducing waste wherever possible, cutting back on superfluous consumption habits and buying second hand.’

Next time you’re in the office, and you see her, say Gidday - she’s easy to recognise, Sarah’ll be that busy blur all up in the interwebs.