The times are changing, and so are we...


In the ‘80s, advertising was all about the benefits. It still is. Then in the 00’s, it was all about brand emotion, and it still is. Now, in the 20’s we’re all about the journey, and here we are.

These days, our primary focus is on the customer experience. Through which channels they are engaging with your brand. How best to connect with them to build awareness, help them do their research and land them as a new acquisition. Then, keep them as a loyal follower and even advocate.

And as a result, we, as a business, are no longer what we were a decade ago. Even three years ago...

Imagic’s journey to this moment has been one of adaption, connection and growth. Since the advent of COVID in 2020, we began doing business differently; by adopting digital tools to enhance workflow and communication we now work irregardless of lockdown level status.

The way we approach the work has changed dramatically also. By adopting a more strategic, inquisitive, relationship-focused approach, we deliver outcomes driven by intensive planning, audience journey mapping, user experience design, and creative that fits thanks to exhaustive discovery processes.

We’ve pivoted with the times, and we keep pivoting. Whether you’re growing and are time poor, or are starting out and need guidance, we’re that fresh set of eyes you need to see your organisation from a point of view that enables growth which is structured, manageable and strategically sound. And, we’re always happy to sit down for 30 minutes to see if we’d be a good fit.

So, let’s talk.