Old dogs or new tricks and treats!

Great Nature Halloween Blog Post

The launch of a new dog treat brand Great Nature and working with canine companions.

They say you should never work with animals or children. We say ‘pshhhaaaw!’ - having nailed a video series of fun rich media content for Faringdon residential development featuring local kid
talent watch those here...

...we decided to do the ‘twofer’ and line up a video shoot and photo shoot with not one but TEN doggie friends, and their owners!

Photography on location and video production with four legged talents is all about logistics. If you’ve got all the detail locked in, then the wiggle room is there for wagging tails and ‘SQUIRREL!’ distracted dachshunds. When you’ve got top camera operators, animal-specific photographers, and a video director who is a dog lover himself, then you’re already ten steps ahead of the game.

Prior planning prevents poor pet performance! And plan we did... (video production meetings with dogs are fun!) then, Mother Nature came to the party with a stunning sunrise, just the right amount of cloud cover, and furry talent that made for an incredible day out for the Imagic video production team!

Now, sit, stay and roll tape!

What is Great Nature?

Sourced from New Zealand farms and lovingly crafted in their special doggie treats facility in Canterbury.

“We want the best quality and natural foods for ourselves, but we also want that for our pets. Great Nature brings you 100% natural, locally sourced, quality treats for your dogs.”

Full Great Nature case study coming soon!