Faringdon case study 10


  • Campaign,
  • Video Production,
  • Photography

The residential development market is very competitive in Canterbury. We are always looking for new ways to elevate our client’s brand and put them top of mind for potential customers.

Faringdon is now a residential reality. It has transcended “in development” status to being a suburb of Rolleston. There is a burgeoning community there filled with great people. We wanted to tap into the youthful insight of some of Faringdon’s younger locals.

During the school holidays, we arranged a family fun day for 20 young stars and their parents, who we had connected with via social media.

We created a makeshift film studio, had a fabulous children’s entertainer join us and gave these kids an enjoyable day out. The result is a series of videos, billboards, print ads and other collateral that expresses the vibrant energy of Faringdon through the eyes of its youngest dreamers.

The videos have been a real hit on social media, and we’ve been chatting with lots of really proud Mums and Dads. Plus we keep being asked, “When is the next one happening?” It seems we managed to tap into the community spirit of Faringdon. Showing that we aren’t selling dirt as much as we are selling neighbourhoods and a sense of belonging.