Making a splash for a good cause

Edgeware swimming pool timer

The St Albans Pavilion and Pool Group are in a race against time with the Christchurch City Council. In 2016, the Council unanimously agreed to sell the site of the former Edgeware pool to the group for $1. However, there was a catch. The council has given the group 10 years to build the pool. If it’s not built within that time, the council will be able to purchase the land back for $1.

St Albans Pavilion and Pool Group plans to build two new pools on the site of the former Edgeware pool, demolished by the Christchurch City Council in 2007. You might remember there were protests, petitions - it was a sorely contested decision.

And here we are. The council has come to the party with the land sale. The facility is expected to cost about $5 million. And we have until 2026 to raise the cash and build it.

Imagic has gotten behind the cause, offering the group our design and marketing services for free. A few Imagicians are from Edgeware or grew up in the area, and we know what a community focal point a swimming centre like this would be.

We’re encouraging all of our friends, family, suppliers, clients, partners to check out their Give A Little page and think about donating what you can. The clock is ticking, so please take a moment to show your support.