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Compelling website design made simple for you. 

Together we can transform your story into an excelling experience. Our optimised approach delivers best practices and conversions, customised to your business needs. We help lead you past every hurdle and provide professional, friendly on-going web support.

Our award-winning website designs bring web pages to life. This also includes CMS training for self-editing, refined SEO and secure managed hosting.

Refined SEO.

Why search for customers when they're searching for you?

SEO involves executing the right moving parts in the correct context to win customers, conversions, and sales for your company. Our SEO specialists help increase traffic and elevate your website’s visibility on search engines.

Securing a spot on the first search results page can be life-changing for a business. We place the upmost importance on understanding your audience and user intent. Then, we boost your website content to meet these users, and excel against competitors.

Benchmarking against competitors.

Successful web designers ensure your website is optimised to operate online in a competitive space. Our web design process consists of a thorough review and analysis of your current website, including studying the industry competition.

Benchmarking against competitors is a good way of getting a broad overview of performance and positioning, and helps us understand strengths and weaknesses relative to your brand.

Website design & build process.

Let us craft a website for you that sticks. From jotted down notes, to the final established end product, we walk you through every step.

More digital marketing capabilities:

Imagic is a digital marketing agency based in Christchurch, New Zealand specialising in website design. We’ve been helping clients with award-winning digital that fits for over 20 years.