Meet Janelle - digital strategist, hand sanitiser specialist…

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We introduced you to Brigitte previously, so in this issue we’d like you to meet her strategic partner - Janelle. Meet our data-driven Nelsonian who partners with clients to help them find success in the digital landscape. Combined, they’re the agency’s digital strategy team.

Janelle has a 'whatever it takes' approach to life. She's worked across many industries as a marketer in New Zealand and the UK, from game fishing to car rentals. Janelle even helped SC Johnson Professional supply hand sanitiser across the UK during the early pandemic.

She spent a hefty chunk of her early agency career in client relations….

'I love how clients fizz when we try something new, when we are groundbreaking, and see great results.'

…but, her passion has always been in the digital marketing realm.

Janelle loves nothing more than digging through the numbers. OK, that's not 100% accurate. She might like walking through English paddocks from pub to pub slightly more.

Janelle's expertise lies in building client relationships, immersing herself in the brand, understanding what success looks like for the client and developing considered, tailored digital strategies that increase engagement and improve results.

"I love how agency work puts you across many brands and categories. You get to see how each industry ticks.”

Take a bow Janelle!