5 ways to improve your Kickstarter page

28/07/2016 4:51pm

  • 1. Sell in a nutshell
    Get to the point and get there quickly. Distill your offering into a punchy elevator pitch, so you can hook them in the first 20 seconds. Once you have them on the line, land them with the delicious detail.

    2. Update and add value
    Award backers that buy-in early with unique “first in” rewards that recognise their courage and foresight. Then make sure you keep all your backers in the picture. Be transparent about your road to market and treat them as you would any other venture capitalist.

    3. Snappy keeps 'em happy
    Short & sweet is the key here. Don’t overdo your campaign. We believe no more than 50 days, less if possible.

  • Statistically, projects lasting 30 days or fewer enjoy the highest success rates, according to Kickstarter: "Shorter projects set a tone of confidence and help motivate your backers to join the party.”

    4. Reach out before launch
    Get in touch with your database, your social media followers, PR contacts, friendly bloggers and anyone else you think of before you go to market. Get the ball rolling, so people are champing at the bit on launch day - leverage your reputation to bring new people on board.

    5. Keep it personal
    When a hand is raised in the crowd don’t reply with a cut and paste. Keep it personal. At the very least, try and segment your audience so you can reply in a timely and personal manner.