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Pockets of Awesome

video, marketing, Photography, Design, Campaign

We partnered with ChristchurchNZ to develop a 'surprise and delight' campaign that was delivered over a four-week period.

We engaged a costume designer to create 5 colourful long drape coats with branded pockets that were filled with prizes. Literally, 'pockets filled with Awesome'.

We employed five energetic young ambassadors, and pulled together a prize list of over 400 giveaways. Our design team created branded vouchers and envelopes to stuff in the pockets. The Imagic video department shot and edited two videos. We also engaged a chalk artist to brand the pavements around some local Pockets Of Awesome.


We made 8 location trips from Sumner to Riccarton visiting local Pockets Of Awesome on Fridays and Saturdays over a four week period. Engaging with locals and challenging them to pick our pockets.

The interactions certainly raised a few eyebrows. The video content speaks for itself. The public were engaged with surprise, delight and plenty of laughter. We gave away 400 prizes over four weeks and to date, our videos have had 4600 views with increased engagement and post reach on the clients facebook page.

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