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Harrington's Breweries

  • Packaging Design,
  • Brand Development

Harrington’s are one of the original craft brewers in NZ, but had not kept up with the almost daily changes in brands and offerings from the booming craft beer industry.

The challenge was to refresh their brand and create a story that would reinvigorate not only their products but also their people. We shut down their brewery for an afternoon and had a brand discovery workshop in their Wigram bar. Uncovered that they are a mainstream, entry-level craft beer brewer, with a deep sense of integrity, considerable history and a very loyal following. Our task was to modernise the brand without alienating their base.

The team at Harrington’s already had a plan underway to brew more limited release beers. We focused on developing a creative theme to compete with the mid to upper price point for these limited release beverages and also convey Harrington’s sense of humour and history.

We established a clear label hierarchy and delivered the brand story through tasting notes. All labels feature a short flavour profile, followed by a short, fun brand statement that refers to Harrington’s legacy. As legacy, humour and integrity are major parts of the brand story, we developed a new tagline to reflect this - Honestly crafty since 1991.

Within three months six new beers had been released and have been very well received with existing fans and distributors.