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Balancing recognition with elevation.

With Harringtons having been bought by Lion amidst a brand refresh, there were some major considerations regarding brand alignment to be made moving forward.

Adapt - to the Lion standard

Firstly, Lion’s brand bible had to be assimilated, understood and then applied to the fresh designs for the packaging of Harrington’s core six flagship beer varieties.

The balancing act that ensued was to find the crucial union between aligning the brand to the Lion New Zealand standard, refreshing the Harrington’s packaging so it would present with energy at Point of Sale, and also to remain recognisable to the core Harrington’s fan base.

Connect - with marketers and printers

Imagic’s design team consulted with both marketing teams at Harrington’s and Lion. Not only that, we organised a critical delivery path with a preferred print supplier, to ensure the creation of the new packaging would be smooth.

Grow - the recognition

Lion focus group tested the new packaging and received the highest scores ever for a rebrand. They grew POS recognition and brand loyalty as a result of the new packaging designs.

The old guard gravitated to the fresh new look, as did new customers who’d not considered the Harringtons’ brand in the past.

Once again, we showed our ability to integrate with marketing departments, assimilate brand guidelines, and output stellar work.

Result: the highest focus group scores ever for a rebrand.