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We’re storytellers by nature. The narrative we craft helps our business partners drive efficiency, engage people with compelling messaging, and achieve strategic goals.

Every now and then, a job comes along that's all that, and at the same time, it makes us feel as if we are crafting a voice for those who might not have one, that we are helping to elevate them above the noise so that their voice can be heard.

The Champion Centre provides multi-disciplinary early intervention services to infants and young children with significant disabilities, and their families, in Canterbury. They contacted us about doing a sponsored piece for their gala fundraiser. Crafting a compelling video that told their story.

This video story needed to have a life beyond the gala to bring insight to a wider audience and had to cover two-story layers or streams.

Emotional/empathetic - interviews with the parents. To land the gala event’s purpose, speak to the strength of the parents in attendance, and also reiterate to donors how much their contributions matter.

Functional/systematic - cover what the centre does in terms of service, the types of therapies offered, the number of people and families they help - to give context as to why the funding is needed.

We wanted the story to be genuine, so we engaged with past and present families who had benefited, and are still connected with the centre. We created an environment in which they were comfortable to tell their own story.

To share a slice of life and invite us in to capture family interactions. Then we spent time capturing life at the centre to document the daily lives of the children away from their homes. Chronicling the way they interact with staff and each other, as well as parent and school relationships focussing on some of the therapies offered.

This fly on the wall, Cinema Verite style allowed us to see and document genuine interpersonal dynamics, and capture a sense of the daily struggles as well as all parties' achievements. To show the viewer the bridge between the centre and home life, seeing how the kids live outside of school, and to get a sense of the school’s influence beyond the centre’s walls.

The video was used at the gala event, which went well and has been shared extensively on social media platforms, as well as in one-to-one engagements. To date, the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are very happy to have been able to offer our capability to such a worthy cause.

If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause click here.