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Ryan Recruitment needed to update their job status. To be more precise, they needed to connect with people wanting to update their job status by taking the next step in their career. They had, over the last year or so, built a solid online following; now it’s the right time to take that digital presence to the next level.

Imagic had recently completed a fundamental SEO overhaul of Ryan’s website. The next logical step, we felt, was to instate a Facebook advert campaign driving enquiries via the new site, partnered with a remarketing push that would connect with those who had recently visited online.

By connecting with job seekers both permanent and temporary, we have doubled (and somedays tripled) their online enquiry rate. Not only that, this targeted digital marketing campaign hiked Ryan Recruitment’s search engine rankings, helping to improve their returns on keywords and phrases, and ensuring they become the Canterbury recruitment agency with not only the best credibility but also the top visibility.