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Orbit Protect Software

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Orbit Protect were looking to expand their sales. They partnered with Imagic to devise strategies to help them realise their goal.

In an industry with so many options and providers, they saw an opportunity to move more of their business online, better serving customer needs and creating a viable point of difference for the brand.

We created an online policy quote and purchasing system for Orbit Protect. This allows customers to get an instant insurance quote with the ability to buy the policy online and receive immediate cover.

We then set a precedent by building the first online claims system in New Zealand, giving customers the freedom to submit insurance claims online. This offered great convenience for customers, and the Orbit Protect team gained huge efficiencies, allowing them to process more claims in shorter times.

In 2014 we built an online affiliate programme to encourage further growth. Orbit Protect affiliates have their own login to this system, allowing them to track their sales. A monthly account system was built to allow efficient management of the affiliate programme.

In 2016 the final piece of the strategy was put into place as we created the first end-to-end insurance solution in NZ and built a payment function for claims into the software.

With an average 25% growth in sales year on year, Orbit Protect is now a huge player in the student insurance area. With case officers from Orbit Protect and their new partners NZI and IAG all using this online system, it has proven to be a very successful tool.