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The Little Feet Company

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Big steps forward for Little Feet.

Based in Christchurch New Zealand, owner Vanessa Blanchard has been focused on creating lasting memories by honing the process of moulding and casting baby’s feet and hands.

‘I want your positive memories to begin from the moment we meet. So, we have developed a simple, safe, and smooth moulding process that means one precious moment becomes a memory that lasts forever.’

Little Feet are a small business whose name has become synonymous with quality. They wanted a brand update to reflect this, and a contemporary online presence to drive enquiry.

Imagic crafted a refreshed logo, and brand guide; arranged for new photography, created a suite of digital marketing assets and optimised search engine visibility. We reworked their website design from the ground up. Focusing the copy, streamlining the User Experience and increasing lead conversions. Little Feet are now ranking number one for all of their key words via Google search.

Every responsive web development project that we undertake is underpinned by a brand development strategy to deliver Return On Investment. So long as every dollar spent converts into a long term increase in revenue, then business owners quickly see the benefits of partnering with a creative marketing partner like Imagic.