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Horncastle Arena

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  • Signage

Horncastle Homes is one of Canterbury’s most longstanding home builders. Market research identified that while brand recognition was good, they were lagging in unprompted brand recall.

With an existing tagline of ‘We call Canterbury Home,’ Imagic recommended a new naming partnership with what was the SBS Arena as a key strategy to resolve this issue. This resulted in a sponsorship deal worth over 1 million dollars and a complete rebrand of the Arena.

Imagic had three months to plan, design and turn around the installation of over 500 pieces of signage and other graphical elements. We designed visuals and art for the building identity, internal brand signage, directional signage and brand displays.

With only a four-day window to install all signage, a tight logistical plan was essential, and we worked very closely, day and night, with our print suppliers and installers to complete the job to the highest spec.

To build suspense, all work was kept under wraps, away from media and public, in preparation for what was to be a very successful launch.

The result was a significant impact on brand recall, making Horncastle Homes a household name within Canterbury and beyond.