Heritage Vine 2020 HERO

Heritage Vine

  • Branding,
  • Web Design,
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  • Search Marketing,
  • Logo design

While they build Beyoncé’s wine cellar, we build their brand.

Heritage Vine custom design, craft and install luxury wine cellars and wine rooms for high-end restaurants and high net worth residents in New York, California, Chicago, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Arizona.

Adapt - and fast.

Rapid expansion has seen their business outgrow their brand and online collateral, and they were in need of a refresh to keep abreast of the ever-changing online environment.

We completed a full rebrand, and developed a new brand story. At the beginning of the process, they had help coming in from all angles. We pulled all of this into one offer to manage their website, SEO and social channels - making room for them to get on with their work.

Connect - everyone together.

With the key decision-makers in various American cities, and we in New Zealand, we conducted a brand discovery workshop via online video calls.

Having taken them through a strategic rebranding process, outputting a thorough reverse brief and key messaging document, as well as providing them with a suite of new brand iconography, we are building their website and launching a targeted digital marketing campaign across the USA.

Grow - better lead conversion.

Heritage Vine have built bespoke cellars for American football players, NBA stars, Beyoncé and Jay-Z as well some of the East and West coast’s top restaurants.

Our team undertook rigorous competitor research in creating new messaging and a digital strategy. Now that we have a well-defined position prospective customers understand the Heritage Vine budget frame, and we won’t waste time cultivating low value leads.