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We were tasked with the job of raising Harcourts Canterbury’s profile online and positioning them as local experts in the Canterbury real estate marketplace.

Our key operating idea was simple. Harcourts have the ‘Home Team Advantage’. A recent poll rated them as New Zealand’s most trusted agency and Nielsen ranks them number one for online sales exposure. They offer a considerable advantage to our target market, prospective home sellers aged 25-35.

At the beginning of the campaign, the objective was brand awareness. To achieve this, we focused on digital brand impressions, blanketing their target audience of Christchurch with digital adverts in all forms, including search marketing, display marketing, and video (YouTube) marketing. We achieved an average of 164,197 impressions (that’s almost half of Christchurch’s population!) per week.

At the beginning of 2019, Harcourts’ objective shifted to reach more engaged users. Accordingly, we refined our targeting and strategy. As a result, desired user actions increased by 146%.

Search marketing results
622+ average search advert clicks per week
1.4 average ranking position in the Google search results page
25.1% average goal conversion rate

Display marketing results
497+ average display advert clicks per week
23.7 average weekly goal conversions

Video marketing results
10,360+ average weekly video impressions
3,081+ average video views per week
29.83% average video view rate