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Early 2017 we were tasked with the job of raising Harcourts Canterbury’s profile online and positioning them as local experts in the Canterbury real estate marketplace.

Our key operating idea was simple. Harcourts have the ‘Home Team Advantage’. A recent poll rated them as New Zealand’s most trusted agency and Nielsen ranks them number one for online sales exposure. They offer a considerable advantage to our target market, prospective home sellers aged 25-35.

Research showed us that our primary audience do a great deal of research before typically contacting only one company. Our job was to create an online presence that showcased Harcourts' expertise in a simple, factual context. So that anyone doing their due diligence would be presented with a solid case for choosing “The Home Team Advantage.”

Using Harcourts’ immense library of real estate insight we created a website to house an array of articles, videos, contact details and market news. Much of which became landing pages for a multi channel digital strategy that targeted prospective sellers at various touch points across their day.


  • 2.2m

    Ad impressions (2,245,000)

  • 84,000+

    Off-site video impressions

  • 27,000+

    Advert clicks and video views

  • 14,000+

    Off-site video views

  • 5x

    Average Google Adwords CTR
    Benchmark across the Real Estate industry

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