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Faringdon - two decades of marketing developments

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Imagic has had an agency partnership with Hughes Developments that spans almost two decades. In that time, we have crafted branding and marketing collateral for Canterbury’s leading subdivisions including Northwood, Gainsborough and more recently Faringdon.

Faringdon’s brand story has always been underpinned by a story of quality. In 2012, the development of this new subdivision at Rolleston began with the expectation that eventually 1,000 sections would be created.

Seven years on and Faringdon has become a thriving community with over 3000 residents and 1000 new homes built. More land was acquired recently for Faringdon to keep up with demand and grow to 3,000 sections beyond initial estimates.


Faringdon is a master-planned residential development situated in Rolleston with more than 1000 sections ranging in size from 400 sqm to 1000 sqm. It features wide tree-lined streets and fully serviced sections with plenty of green space, giving residents the room to enjoy a great lifestyle.

The challenge is always twofold:

How to sell the dream rather than sell the dirt.

Reaching a diverse demographic from couples and young families through to empty nesters and downsizers.


As with all of Hughes’ projects, Faringdon had, and still has two Unique Selling Propositions:

Quality. Hughes developments are known for investing in quality planning and infrastructure beyond the typical market product creating places people love to live in. No other development in the region can match it for green space, education, retail, and facilities.

Community. Faringdon’s community grew fast, and it grew together. It became clear to us early on that this was a group of people 'we could turn the lens toward, and have them promote their own neighbourhood'.


A brand visual identity and story were developed to fit the vision of the development. The initial campaign focused on selling the dream while the construction work was underway. Faringdon’s website sits at the base of the advertising funnel. Every asset pushes sales leads towards this interactive, intuitive online user experience.