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The quality of Canterbury’s water is an issue that often escalates from civil conversation to the emotional argument. Not only that, many long-held beliefs about the negative impacts on our water supply have been identified as erroneous.

We were tasked by the team at Environment Canterbury to create a series of videos to help unmuddy the waters and start positive conversations around where our water comes from, and how we can improve its quality.

Water is important to our community. But not always for the reasons we might think. We all need it to survive, but there are recreational, cultural and political ramifications to consider as well.

Our approach has unpacked these stories following the flow of the information from its source. By tracking our water from its creation point right through to where it returns to the sea or the land, we can step back and see it not just from our point of view but from others as well. By shifting the lens, we aim to create empathy and understanding amongst the people discussing these issues.

With awareness comes understanding. A better-informed population can discuss important matters with a future focus, and not be consumed by anger, and confused by crowd-sourced conspiracy. This video series lets people see beyond their backyard, helps them appreciate how vital water is to all people, and shows how we must work together as a region to improve its quality now and into the future.