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Environment Canterbury SEM

  • SEO,
  • SEM,
  • Photography Direction,
  • Branding,
  • Design

It’s the question many Cantabrians wonder every summer, where’s good to swim?

We had the task of helping Environment Canterbury to encourage our community to engage with the New Zealand LAWA website for up-to-date information on the quality and safety of local rivers and lakes for swimming.

Our primary objective was to build awareness. Targeted search adverts were tailored to reach people actively searching for swimming spots and other outdoor activities. Alongside this, we produced brand awareness display adverts aimed at families within the greater Christchurch district.

In December, January and February:

1,700,000+ advert impressions across Canterbury.

350% increase in visits to the LAWA page from the Canterbury region, when compared year-on-year.

10,300+ visits to the website.

20% click through rate on search adverts.

1.1 average position on the SERP for relevant search queries.