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Farming Consent Campaign

  • Web Design,
  • Web Development

New consent regulations around best farming practices were being rolled out by Environment Canterbury. Local farmers had to understand what was expected of them and why these changes were being made.

Environment Canterbury needed an information-driven suite of assets that would not only catch farmers’ attention but also answer most of their questions, and give farmers the tools they needed to get the consent process started.

This campaign’s information destination was a website created in a bespoke CMS framework with elegant information architecture. Digital banners, printed handouts, personalised letters all pointed towards the website as a source of information and an opportunity to connect with people who could help farmers if needed.

A variety of content was created to populate this site, including explainer videos and step-by-step info-graphical guides.

With the consent deadline fast approaching, we were told that the information uptake and best practice adoption rate had been better than anticipated. That our campaign assets had been instrumental in activating farmers, and that positive action was being observed across our region.

Good news for local business, the land, and for our water supply.