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Core Education

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CORE is a multicultural organisation that employs bicultural language and imagery for all communications. While it is a big organisation, at the heart of it, it relies on the one to one conversations it can have with educators to make meaningful change. They needed a brand identity and web design that allowed them to communicate their vast expertise.

CORE's culture is built on bringing together experts in education. We worked closely with them to build their brand on the knowledge of these experts. Creating a logo that reflected their multicultural personality and designing a web solution that could accommodate the diversity of expert content and specific needs of different educators.

We took their vast web resource and simplified the framework so that they could focus on being experts; producing clever, concise content and delivering it cleanly through the website.

This added another layer of complexity to the copy and design architecture. We strived to find a balance between content and clean design to let the breadth of knowledge shine through while being wrapped in their bicultural brand.

The new brand and website help a big team deliver cohesive and interactive content as if they are using one thought process. Those who interact with the site and connect with the brand feel a personal connection like they are interfacing with real people.