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Izone Industrial Park

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Covering 188 hectares, Izone is a master-planned, greenfield site, which has attracted more than 120 companies involved mostly in manufacturing, contracting, warehousing and logistics, and servicing Canterbury’s significant agricultural sector.

The Izone project was instated to help make Selwyn a great place to live, play and work. To encourage people to move to, often with their family, and put down roots in the Selwyn District. Something that had been attempted but never fully landed in New Zealand before. The council needed help from a trusted developer, and that developer’s trusted creative agency partner.

Izone’s brand was pillared by a story of flexibility and affordability, with a foundation of integrity and delivery. It was a multimedia delivery that spanned all known media above and below, online and off.

Imagic partnered not only with the council and Hughes Development, but also with real estate agents, public relations firms, and a myriad of suppliers to make a decade long brand strategy manifest across multiple-stage releases, nuanced by many governmental paradigm shifts.

Together, we have added another reason to the long list of ‘Reasons to live in Selwyn”. It created a cash surplus for the council of $42m, which served to substantially reduce the capital cost of several identified community projects, including a roading flyover project and the Rolleston Community Centre / Library.

Plus, it put the region in the nation’s top five for economic and population growth for many years running.

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During 2014-2015 in particular, Izone dominated the sale of industrial land in central Canterbury. During this period, more land was sold at Izone than all of Christchurch’s industrial areas combined.

Before Izone, there was virtually no demand for industrial land in Rolleston. Izone created that demand – due to a good product, as well as great PR and marketing.