Tote Bag case study 1

The Palms Totes Campaign

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The Palms Shopping Centre was looking for a Gift With Purchase promotion to increase foot traffic. When they approached our creative team with a brief that included: connecting with the recent ban of single-use plastic bags, we said, ‘TOTES!’

By profiling four shopper personality types, the creative team designed a reusable cotton tote bag to suit each one. There was the green crusader, the last minuter, the retail therapist, and the avid bargain hunter.

95% Uptake

Sold out weeks 2 and 3

Total sales for that month increased by 7.2%

Having very recently completed a brand refresh for The Palms, based around punchy conversational statements, vibrant photography and friendly, organic font placement, the single-minded operating idea of ‘TOTES!’ worked very well.

Did the public want reusable, limited edition, designer tote bags? TOTES!
They did. A new bag design was released each week for four weeks. Even with stocks that exceeded projected desirability, the centre could not keep up with demand.