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Swiftpoint Z

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Two years ago, we worked with Swiftpoint to bring their GT mouse to market via a Kickstarter campaign. That mouse went on to be named one of the top new devices at iconic tech Expo CES and received hundreds of other accolades.

Grant Odgers and his team learnt a lot about making the world’s best laptop mouse taking the GT to market. So much so that Grant decided to do it again, this time designing what he believes is the world’s best mouse for gamers.

We too learnt a lot about Kickstarter the first time around and have used this knowledge to bring this new device to market with a hiss and a roar.

Over the last 36 months, we have watched hundreds of top-performing Kickstarter videos and analysed the narrative techniques that work. Crafting the correct voice is critical, almost as much as making sure the viewers “get it” right out of the gate.

These Kickstarter videos are like elegant informercials, unpacking a compelling story in a way that keeps you engaged - your next logical step being to click that “back this project” button. We’re talking to early adopters predominantly, and this group know their techy spiel. Our story has to be on point and airtight, or they will tear it to shreds.

And the video is just the beginning. The Kickstarter page is an organic, on-going story about the project and how it is doing. We are constantly updating this tale to keep backers invested and to attract new eyes to the prize.

Having already hit our target then doubled and tripled it, we are excited to see how the world receives the Z when Grant and his team finally ship it. If the early prototypes are anything to judge by, we do have a game-changer on, and in, our hands.