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Branding with a cause. The nVader team are modern abolitionists. Their mission is to rescue sex slaves, prosecute the people who have enslaved them and rehabilitate those rescued so they may have a chance at a normal life. We worked with them to repurpose their brand narrative, so they could raise awareness of their cause and ultimately raise more money in order to do more good work. We created a website experience that was narrative driven. 

Using compelling, moving imagery to get the facts in front of people and have the story galvanise them into action. Give them the tools to become an advocate. Help them to spread the word and start raising money on nVader's behalf. To build an army of believers. Have a look at the site. Read the statistics. Pledge money to this incredibly worthy cause. It doesn’t take much to empower the nVader team to make a great difference in someone’s life. 

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