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  • Every now and then we like to share work that we’re really proud of that highlights our capability as a full service creative brand agency. Here’s a look at a brand refresh we did for Enztec.

    Enztec design and manufacture bespoke orthopaedic medical equipment. Their work is unique, so we felt they needed a brand to reflect that.

  • Everything about their brand from website to business cards is distinctively Enztec. Being designers themselves, this was a fantastic journey, as we worked in cohort with them to produce work of the highest aesthetic standard.

    Ultimately our goal was to show that their product needn’t be presented in a clinical light; that their artistry should shine through by bringing their precision craft to the fore.

  • signature prod 2 signature prod 1
  • enztec Business Card MockUp
  • We partnered with Diederik Van Heinengin from Lightworx who shot some beautifully crafted photos, treating Enztec’s surgical equipment as you might a high-end luxury car. We then offset these images with a series of personal portrait shots, courtesy of Johannes Van Kan, showing the up close and human side of the Enztec team.

  • The website has snap scroll functionality, interactive animated content, and a fullscreen feel that is fully responsive for a unique viewing experience from desktop to mobile. We combined this with a custom Silverstripe CMS backend that gives Enztec the flexibility to present their product how they choose and take control of their own content.

  • enztec browser art signature2 enztec browser art signature
  • bespoke1 bespoke2
  • enztec browser art whoweare