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Our relationship with Dunlop Builders spans the decades. We have watched them grow from a local Wanaka builder into one of New Zealand’s most iconic and respected building companies. As they have changed, their brand identity has had to change and grow alongside them.

They build luxury, architecturally designed homes. They’re builders that architects love to work with, and as a result, many of Dunlop’s referrals come from the trade. So, our challenge was to create a brand that reflected the architectural - that spoke to the designer as much as to the end dweller.

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A great deal of the work we do is about empathising with the end user. Getting our heads inside the mind of the target market. And so, it was with great relish, that our creative team delved into the psychological motivators of those in the architectural industry.

Form and function. Utility and aesthetic. Light with dark. Set and setting. Colour and mood. Everywhere we looked, the Dunlop brand was about relationships.

Whether it’s between builder and client, project manager and architect, designer and materials, sub contractors, suppliers and so on, having a clear, open and honest relationship means Dunlop Builders always get the best results, and continue to further entrench their excellent reputation.

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This compelling story became the framework for the new brand roll out. Everything had to speak to a relationship. Our art director even went so far as to create a grid system for the typography and images, so they would be placed in a similar fashion, replicating a unique brand aesthetic and creating a bespoke visual relationship, across all media. 

Most important of all, the target market had to relate. The architect, and the high end luxury home builder had to ‘get it’ - without that relationship this effort would be for nothing.

Once again, an empathetic approach has proven highly successful. By placing ourselves in the shoes, in the moment, in the mindset of the end user, we’ve been able to create a compelling brand story that they can relate to, and engage with.

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