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Taylor Pass Honey Co.

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The team at Taylor Pass Honey have created a bold new personality and strategy, intended to reinvigorate their brand with a unique Southern flavour and elevate their offering above others in the marketplace. Their challenge was to find a digital agency who could take this new story and make it work online.

The new brand narrative is heavily image focussed. The Taylor Pass Honey team commissioned us to create a thorough brief for creating video and still images. Our over-arching mandate to the video production team and photographer was to reinforce the new brand pillars of natural, premium and Southern. The Imagic web team embraced this image resource and brought it to life on the new website, while paying close attention to usability and quick loading time.

The key to getting this new website live was attention to detail. The elegance of this design is in the nuance. From cinematic transitions to the extra depth perception of a parallax view, the new site draws you in to its story, and takes you on an intuitive journey. We took the time to immerse ourselves in the new brand story and make sure our tone of voice was on point, to complement the other great work already in the public space. 

We’ve already heard sweet praise from the TPHC board and clients. They love the filmic, engaging nature of the site.

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