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Best Awards 2015


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It’s not often you have a client sit down with you at a brand discovery meeting and say, “I make the best (product) in the world. Can you help me sell them? The problem for David Mazzarella, founder of Skilogik, was he found himself trapped inside the ski industry. “I witnessed the mass production of skis without soul. I knew we could do better, much better.”

So, he found a remote island of the coast of China and there he set up his dream ski production facility. The best people using the best materials and employing the best technology to make the best skis. Within months of them going to market in 2010, they started winning awards. Which awards? All of them.

A fully responsive scrolling site with eye-popping parallax effects and HTML 5 video film loops, it grabs you as soon as it opens. Built from the ground up using Silverstripe CMS, it lets the artwork do the talking and the selling. The shopping experience uses Swipestripe and is a one-of-a-kind build. The shop experience works across all platforms and lets the ski design experience do the talking.

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