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  • Simple Solutions Intex approached us to help them review their branding. A successful Christchurch-based interior solutions firm, their plans for expansion were causing growing pains their existing brand. Looking to open offices in other main centres, they’d discovered other companies with similar names.

  • We gathered their key decision makers and members of their front line team together for a brand discovery session. Using a series of tailored exercises, the team were able to look at their brand with fresh eyes. It empowered them to make comment without fear of reproach and ultimately brought a sense of team spirit and renewed vision to the room. Together we fashioned their tone of voice, brand personality, mission statement, values and goals.  Rather than a few key people designing the new brand behind closed doors, they all worked on it in cohort.

  • m int 03
  • The Imagic creative team used these findings to create a new identity for them. Something totally unique. Built from the ground up. That reflected how seriously they take their job and also how they enjoy a bit of fun, and have a healthy internal culture. We settled on the company name, Maven Interiors. 

  • A maven is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. However, the company logo simply features the letters M.INT, a contraction of Maven Interiors, that expresses how they want everything they do to be “mint.”

  • m int 06
  • m int 08
  • The design team took this idea and ran with it. The team at M.INT are not backwards in coming forwards. They are confident and help their clients to “get there” through extensive planning borne of many years’ experience. This new logo suite and brand palette embodies this sense of confidence and purpose. It is utilitarian with an architectural elegance, balanced by a dash of whimsy. 

  • At the time of writing this, it still early days for the new brand roll out. Early reports have been overwhelmingly positive. The M.INT team wear their new colours with a smile. The brand buy-in was buoyed by the fact many of them had a say in the very early stages, being able to look at the old brand through the structured lens of our brand discovery template. A mint result for us and them.

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