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NC Points

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There is a customer loyalty trend that is taking hold around the world. Where once the emphasis was on post-purchase reward, now the focus has shifted to foot traffic. Put simply, what strategies do we employ to get them through the door? 

NCpoints was launched. The system encourages frequent visits through rewards that aren’t contingent on presenting a receipt. The data collected via our NC Points kiosks offers valuable insights into shopper’s habits. Each month users are rewarded with the opportunity to win prizes.  

The essence of the programme is all about simplicity - scan quickly and enter the draw with ease. Each scan rewards shoppers with a point, and the more points obtained the more entries they have in the monthly draw.

By building a smartphone capable scanning device we tapped into the rapidly growing tech-savvy generation, but we also offered a membership card option for those without smartphone capability.  

The software was custom built by Imagic. It let customers see how many times they have entered in the current month's draw, and redeem any instant spot prizes they have won when swiping. Users are also able to see the current month's prize, plus the previous winners of past months. 

NC Points encourages customers to drop in (and win), even if it’s just to pick up something small. Even if you’re just in the neighbourhood.  It reinforces the idea that it’s good to visit North City, helping to build market share and les sening competitor foot traffic numbers. 

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