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In 2012 the development of this new subdivision at Rolleston began with the expectation that eventually 1,000 sections would be created. Six years hence and Faringdon has become a thriving community with over 3,000 residents and 1,000 new homes built. More land was acquired recently in order for Faringdon to keep up with demand and grow beyond initial estimates.

The challenge for Hughes Developments was to keep the subdivision’s marketing fresh and top of mind having been in the marketplace for over half a decade.

Our solution was to tap into the talent lying dormant in this burgeoning subdivision. We organised a fun day for local kids where we interviewed them about life in Faringdon and on that day we discovered some young superstars.

Our team held further auditions and selected four young Faringdon residents to become the Faringdon Home News Team. They are now the front people for a series of fun, informative news shows detailing new developments taking place as Faringdon continues to grow. 

From these segments we have utilised clips and stills to output print ads, billboards, digital banners, social media posts, fliers and more. The FHN logo fits within the Faringdon brand ecosystem, creating a fun sub story within the bigger narrative.

Faringdon is now attracting, on average, 15 new residents per week. Over 1300 sections have been sold and 200 new homes are under construction. Best of all, the kids have become minor celebrities in their own neighbourhood.

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