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Best Awards 2016

Dunlop Builders

branding, digital, Web Design, Web Development, Brand Identity, photography direction

Based in Wanaka, Dunlop Builders had built a reputation for constructing stunning architecturally designed homes. More and more, they were working with New Zealand's top architects and their job scope was moving beyond the town limits. Our task was to create an identity that reflected this new nationwide presence.

Their portfolio is so visually impressive, we quickly realised our role was to provide a platform whereby their work would be able to do the talking, so to speak.

We treated this job like an architect might a new home. The first thing we did was strip away every design element from their existing brand that we felt was surplus to requirement. Next we removed anything that felt like a meaningless statement. What we were left with was the essential brand essence. The good stuff. When reworking a identity, we believe that a) less is more, and b) you don’t have to start from scratch because the story is often hidden in plain sight and the Dunlop name already had considerable brand equity.

The new identity is elegant. Solid. It utilises a green dot device, which symbolises Dunlop's commitment to recycling and sustainability. It says, "Green for go. Let’s build this home." And it also represents the perfect circle they complete when all the pieces fit together, making the journey smooth and the memories positive.

The website we planned, designed and executed is a sumptuous look book, which tells the Dunlop’s story in their own voice. It reflects their passion for the process that has seen them win award after award, year after year. Have a look for yourself here.

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