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City Care asked us to create a trade stand that would attract and engage with attendees at the Water New Zealand’s conference and
Expo 2015. As a gold sponsor it was important that they stood out as an innovator with their ‘Three Waters’ service.

We created “The Amazing Water Race”, an interactive game on a big screen, complete with a leaderboard and a grand prize to create a buzz and engage people in the spirit of competition.

The aim of the game was to open and shut taps and valves to get the water to its destination in the fastest time. City Care loved this idea because it was a clever extension of existing brand collateral that visually showed the positive impact they have on local infrastructure in a really fun way.

We also created a maze slide puzzle to give-away to both delegates and exhibitors as a fun take-home piece.

The Amazing Race was extremely popular at the Trade Show. Every person that interacted with it commented that it was ‘different’ and ‘fun’. The feedback from management was that " was the first time we had truly leveraged the sponsorship in any meaningful way". It fostered a sense of competition amongst a lot of people.

The delegates commented that a lot of the stands were lacking in interactivity. So City Care's stand really stood out from the rest.

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