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Casa Publica

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We had a blank canvas when first briefed to develop a new bar and restaurant on New Regent St. Our client found a great site and wanted to move fast, determined to create a unique experience.

Working closely with the client’s passion for South American fare we developed the creative theme of 'drug lord luxury', tapping into the rich South American history of Rum and Cocaine

We then developed the brand identity and all elements of the fit out; including the brand story of a Drug Lord with a foot fetish, who, inspired by his mother, produced the leading South American Rum. We produced an easy to edit Rum Bible and menu templates for the client, exterior signage, wall graphics and even framed family portraits.

The brand has been embraced by staff, communicated well throughout the establishment and enjoyed by customers. The result was a unique brand story that has provided a strong point of difference in the competitive hospitality industry.

From initial concept to creation of all collateral requirements, even hanging the last portrait on the wall - we had a laugh every step of the way.

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