Foot Science International

Branding, Web Design, Photography

  • Foot Science are the people who make Formthotics. Both entities have a distinct brand and personality. In the process of designing and building Foot Science’s new site, it became apparent that a large chunk of the collateral we were utilising had a distinct Formthotics flavour. Well into the process we all took a step back and realised this was not the creature we’d anticipated. Working closely with our client to develop a new plan and minimise the ‘surprise factor’ we did a thorough audit of the site.

  • We could now rework design, update fonts, direct new photography and arm Foot Science with brand collateral to express their unique personality. Collateral that will have utility for other applications such as trade shows, EDMs, leave behind pieces and more besides. The new site is now both a functional and aesthetic dream because we were able to rework the Foot Science brand collateral. The end result - we achieved a fantastic win for our client, and have another piece of work that we can add to our brag book.

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