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The biggest challenge for Mark Prosser Builders was that while they were building houses with budgets in excess of a million dollars, their branding didn’t reflect it. After a thorough audit of their existing collateral, the Imagic team built them a branded house, they’d happily live in for years to come.

Our first step was to set the foundational aspects of the brand. What are the pillars and cornerstones that hold Mark Prosser Builders together? Turns out they were four Ps. Premium, Precise, Preferred and Personal. It was around these that we built our brand story and the resulting architecture.

The website, office collateral, and look books all had to have a premium aesthetic, be delivered with precision, and use a language that was personal, yet professional. That is, after all why top level architects prefer working with Mark and his team. The brand had to be a direct reflection of the very best aspects of the products and services being put to market. Every touch point from the answer phone message to site signage, all now fall in line with this new brand architecture.

Engagement is up across the board for Mark Prosser Builders. Their social channels, Electronic Direct Mails and website are all experiencing outstanding interactions.

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