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Environment Canterbury

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Five years ago, the government mandated we must reduce high air pollution days through the use of low emission wood burners. Convincing the people of Canterbury to burn smoke free fires had met with resistance. Environment Canterbury’s clean air initiative needed a brand refresh to bring a warmer, more positive spin to a serious message.

Our campaign cry was “warmer cheaper” emphasising the cost savings of a well made fire and showing people how to fine tune their smoke free burning technique. We opted for a warm and fuzzy approach because sitting in front of a cosy fire makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. And no one loves a nice fire more than your pets. So Fluffy and Gary the pug were brought in to help us scratch out a friendly, approachable, almost huggable brand message.

Bold, simple design and focussed messaging were employed across a variety of media - all pushing folk to fine tune their technique online at warmercheaper.co.nz.

The website engages users through an interactive burning technique guide as a fun and informative way to burn more efficiently while also offering people a way to win prizes. We produced a series of ‘hot tips’ videos with our smoke-free fire master Dave as another way to engage with the content as well as a recommendation on ‘good wood’ types and merchants to purchase from.

Through email newsletters, together with a Facebook page, the campaign and subsequent messaging in off season times continues to engage with users. The feedback from both client and public has been overwhelmingly positive. People have even been sharing fireside pet selfies with us, and Facebook friends from other regions have been asking when the Warmer Cheaper show is rolling out in their town.

The word is spreading that a smoke free fire is possible and that, while we still have some more work to do, air pollution in Canterbury is reducing.

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