Warmer Cheaper

Branding, Web Design, Interactive, Video, Graphic Design

  • Word is spreading that smoke free fires are possible but we still have a way to go, so our task this year was to get even more of the community on board. 

    The great thing about burning smoke free is that while it improves air quality and keeps you nice and cosy, it also saves you money. 

    Our campaign cry was “warmer cheaper” emphasising the cost savings of a well made fire and showing people how to fine tune their smoke free burning technique. We opted for a warm and fuzzy approach because sitting in front of a cosy fire makes you feel warm and fuzzy. And who doesn’t love a nice fire more than your pets? So Fluffy the cat and Gary the pug (that’s what we call them in the studio) were brought in to help us scratch out a friendly, approachable, almost huggable brand message.

  • Bold design and focussed messaging were employed across a variety of media - all pushing folk to fine tune their technique online at warmercheaper.co.nz . The website is a highly interactive experience giving people a number of options as to how they might improve their burning technique. 

    We also helped roll out a community fundraising initiative. Local groups can sell bags of kindling, raising both money and awareness. 

    The feedback from both client and public has been overwhelmingly positive. People have even been sharing fireside pet selfies with us, and Facebook friends from other regions have been asking when the Warmer Cheaper show is rolling out in their town. The word is spreading that a smoke free fire is possible and that, while we still have some more work to do, air pollution in Canterbury is reducing. 

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