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The challenge was to reinvigorate the brand of a business that works with some of the most creative companies in Canterbury and New Zealand.

The answer was staring us in the face. In fact, it literally hit us in the face. Adgraphix enthusiasm for great work and new toys is IN. YOUR. FACE.

Expressing a new brand personality is pointless if it doesn’t start from the inside out. The team at Adgraphix not only had to buy into it, they had to walk it, talk it, live and breathe it.

We took their team on an all day “in your face” adventure at a local photography studio where we hit them repeatedly with high pressure air and photographed it. These images became the heart of the entire brand refresh and resulting collateral. Every new piece of brand work now has that “in your face” feeling.

Being brutally single-minded with our messaging has really paid of. Adgraphix tell us that much like the tag line to their campaign, the new work has had MAXIMUM IMPACT.

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