Imagic's new website

01/09/2015 5:29pm

  • You often see mechanic’s driving beaten up old clunkers. They spend so much time working on other people’s cars, they have no time for their own. It’s the same in creative communications. We find it hard to do for ourselves, the thing we do so well for our clients. So, when it came time to update our brand story and website, we were determined that it would be something to inspire our clients. We want our new website to create envy, desire and most of all - make us look sh*t hot. So, what do you think? How did we do?

    Our web team, under the eagle eye of our very own beardy man, Mike Maskill, do amazing work. And they have outdone themselves this time. Our new site is cinematic, immersive and it tells a great story. It also showcases a sample of the sort of work we’ve been doing over the last 12 months.

  • To ensure we didn’t fall into the same trap as Michelin-rated chefs who feed themselves service station pies, we put ourselves through the same process that we ask our clients to undergo.

    We started with a full-day brand discovery workshop. We downed tools and put ourselves through a really intensive and personal look at our own brand. We unpacked our USP, worked up a single-operating idea, agreed upon core values, and outlined the fundamental constructs that we want our brand to stand for.

    You’ll notice there’s a distinct brand narrative on this new site. We’re using it to tell stories because when all is said and done, that’s what we do best. Telling stories. Creating engaging yarns that draw people in and help them fall in love with our clients’ brands.

    Please check out our new site and we’d love to hear your feedback. What do you like? What could we do better? Let’s start a conversation, so we can start telling some new stories as we continue to update our new online profile.