Content is King and Distribution is Queen

17/03/2016 12:18pm

  • We’ve all heard the saying ‘Content is king’ but had you heard the latter part? There is some ambiguity over who actually said this but whoever it was has pretty succinctly summarised the online landscape right now, particularly when it comes to video. 

  • For years, television advertising was the future. But today there is a very different landscape today. We have so many more options about what video content we consume, where we access it and when… quite simply, we have the power. This means that we definitely don’t need to watch ads anymore. We can fast forward, change the channel, switch device or switch off. So as advertisers, how do we adjust?

  • Don’t advertise. Instead, create quality content to entertain and interest your audience and which they want to share with their circles.

    Great content is a about speaking to your audience. People today, generally, don’t want to be advertised to. They want control over the content they consume. So instead of trying to make your audience watch 5 seconds of your ad before they can access a Youtube video; be the video behind this ad. We need to be thinking about what we can create that our audience wants to know, wants to watch, and are likely to share. This new direction is not a thankless one. If you create and curate the right content, distribution will look after itself. Because as much as we want to be in control of the content we consume, equally we want to share it with our community when we find something worthwhile. 

    Welcome to the world of viral.

  • In saying this it’s not all about going viral, likes, shares and views. It’s about making your story more accessible through an engaging medium. Creating video content is now easier and more affordable that ever before. The key is to convey a meaningful message in a compelling fashion. The video content that you create could be an instructional video on how to use your product if you are in technology. As a builder you might show the process you follow to create stunning architectural homes or as a school, you might want to showcase your facility. Video content is show and tell, don’t ask customers to read a 1,000 word essay on your product; show it to them in a 90 second video that includes everything from features to benefits. Mike Maskill who heads our digital department says that “Online video content is not only changing the way we are entertained but also how we learn and are informed.”

    If you want to up the ante on your content, get in touch.