Two new Imagicians

01/09/2015 4:57pm

  • We’ve had two new folk join our ranks in the last three months and we’ve been so slammed we haven’t had a chance to formally introduce you. Meet Tim and Breda.

    Tim Thomas
    Tim’s well known in brand strategy circles in New Zealand. He has been involved in marketing and communications since 1997, working in both the public and private sector. He has helped create and manage brands for clients in tertiary education, professional sports, FMCG, hospitality, retail and alcohol.

    His client list has included American Express, Highlanders, Canterbury Cricket, All Blacks, Environment Canterbury, Cloudy Bay, FreshChoice, Sports & Recreation New Zealand, and LVMH.

    A man of few words, he's an accomplished listener, problem solver and when he does have something to say, grab a pen, it could be the gem you've been digging for.

  • Breda Cahill
    Breda has come on board to help us look after our ever-expanding client list. She brings to Imagic a vibrant, boundless energy, as well as a plentiful supply of great ideas and a new catch phrase, “Are you having a laugh?”

    Breda is originally from Kerry, the very South West of Ireland (Republic) and came to New Zealand in 2013. She has studied English and Interactive Media, and worked in a design college’s marketing team before coming to Imagic.

    Breda also wins the prize for the coolest name at Imagic. According to my Amazing Baby Name book it’s the Gaelic spin on “Bridget” and is made even cooler by the fact that my autocorrect desperately wants to call her Bread. And speaking of bread, Breda also likes Jamesons. Which is great if she ever wants to make a toast. Bread. Toast. See what I did there?

    Righto, back to work.