Meet the Imagician – Butcher Boy

09/10/2015 1:21pm

  • Many of our clients will recognise Dale. He’s a director of the company and one of our account management team. What you may not know is that he also goes by the pseudonym ‘Butcher Boy’, and Butcher Boy has a creative passion for music.

    Butcher Boy is a producer of EDM, aka Electronic Dance Music and has released music both independently and in collaboration under the name Omega 3 and with other artists. 

    Earlier this year while others were escaping the icy clasp of winter by running for the tropics, he jaunted off to Ibiza, Spain, Europe’s iconic dance music destination. 

  • Here he caught up with mates, sampled the latest sounds and got himself some old man tan lines. One of the 50+ tracks he has produced was actually nominated for Hard Dance Track of the Year (2008) by the internationally recognized Hard Dance Awards listen here. He has had 11 vinyl releases and many CD compilation appearances on a number of large labels, selling over 30,000 units.

    Listen to some of his music 

    Butcher Boy is also a dad, so his time in the studio these days has been curtailed somewhat. That said, he is still playing gigs and pumping out fresh tracks for the scene in between trips to the wildlife park and reading bedtime stories.