Meet the Imagician – Paul Fairbairn

28/07/2016 5:04pm

  • Paul Fairbairn is one of the founding directors of Imagic. By day he is a mild-mannered creative brand agency type - but when darkness falls, you’ll find him in the garage. And he ain’t tinkering with his car… unless it runs on beer.

    Alcohol and advertising go together like Trump and a comb over. Some say it fuels the fires of creativity, others say it’s the medicinal balm that soothes a scorched adman’s brain. Our big Daddy bossman, Paul has found a way for it to do both. He bought an industry-grade beer brewing machine. And boy, are we happy he did that.

    From hoppy IPAs to subtle amber ales, Paul (and now Dale) is brewing up a storm in the garage where the rain tastes like hops and hail has an ethanol edge to it. Things are getting creative in the brewmaster’s cave.

  • Paul has even brewed up a batch with subtle hints of Wai-iti hops, Riwaka and Nelson Sauvignon.

    The Imagic fridge is often filled with a tasty bottle or two, and we even gave these away as a Xmas gift for clients a few years back. Now Paul has his own brewery brand, “One Dog Missing,” and as you’d expect the design is top notch - just like the tasty brown beverage it represents.

    Next time you see Mr. Fairbairn senior, ask him if he has a cheeky stubby stashed away - if you’re a fan of crafty brew, you won't be disappointed. I should know, I insisted upon a six pack to drink while writing this article because you know, research and stuff. PS: I love you guys! I really do - I don’t say it enough! No, no, no, no, no, no, yeah yeah, I do - I really do, eh. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.